Photografics Action-Event Photography

Previews are low resolution and do not represent the quality of prints you will receive.

All images are individually cropped, corrected and digitally enhanced before going to our lab.

See bottom of page for prices and details on ordering.

Find your photos here:

2017 PeeWee

Hot Rods

2017 WC North Reds & a few others

Print Prices

These prices are for single prints. The more you order the less you pay per print!

4 x 6 $4.00

5 x 7  $5.00

8 x 10 $8.00

8 x 10 Customized $10-$12

11 x 14 $11.00 * only available for the sharpest photos. Ask before ordering!

16 X 20 $16.00 * only available for the sharpest photos. Ask before ordering!


Please make a note of the image number along with the size and quantity you wish to order.

Send an email with all information to You may pay by sending a check or by PayPal.

If using PayPal please send payment to

If ordering by mail send your order with the image number(s), size, & quantity along with a check to:


Ben Runner, Jr.

193 Eversole Dr.

Bowling Green, KY 42101

You may also get in touch with me at 270.202.0575 or visit my facebook page: Photografics Digital Imaging

I'll get them to you in person. Mailing the prints can be expensive and you have the risk of damage.